QedON’s Corporate Learning & Development Division

QedON’s Corporate Learning & Development division can design, build and host bespoke eLearning courses to deliver content fast throughout your organisation. eLearning is flexible, accessible anywhere and anytime, and it’s borderless!

Partnering with QedON provides you with the learning and development tools to drive your strategic business goals. It will assist your organisation in becoming skilled at creating, acquiring and transferring knowledge, where employees at all levels of the organisation inherently trigger organisational improvement and self-development.

Our hosting offering of your courses allows you to have a fully managed online platform for employee training and upskilling. This platform is fully customisable and can be set up in a way that you achieve the best results for ROI on training.

How do we work?

QedON will work with your Subject Matter Experts (SME) within your organisation to design and create learning relevant to your business.  Your SME will provide us with the raw learning content. We then structure it to high educational standards. Finally, our team of Instructional Designers will make it come alive onscreen in a multimedia environment with interactive learning tasks, images, videos, voice-overs, quizzes… we can even bring gamification to it! The whole process takes approximately four to six weeks!

Why QedON?

QedON stand out because of our deep domain knowledge of all things education!

What are the benefits of eLearning?

  • eLearning provides your employees with a network for accessing information
  • eLearning supports an approach to collaborative communication within an organisation; the same learning message is heard everywhere
  • eLearning provides learners with total control over their own learning situation, supporting various learning styles and individual learning methods
  • eLearning can be completed freely on various kinds of computer, tablet, and mobile phone operating systems
  • eLearning reduces the costs of training employees as eLearning requires no classrooms or tutors, venues or travelling expenses
  • eLearning provides detailed reports on the employees’ journey of learning through software tracking