Q. – How long is the course available for me to complete?

The course is available for 180 days after purchase, giving you plenty of time to complete the course and the end of course assessment.

Q. – How many hours per week will be required to complete my course?

You have a total of 180 days to complete the course from the date of purchase, so you have plenty of time to complete the course.  We would advise you break it up topic by topic and complete a topic weekly or bi-weekly, or longer if required

Q. – What happens if I fail the end of course assessment?

Don’t worry, go through the course content again and take the test a second time.  You have a maximum of two attempts to pass the course assessment.

Q. – What happens if I don’t get to complete my final test within 180 days?

Unfortunately, you will have to purchase the course again and complete the test within the timeframe

Q. – Can I get a copy of the additional reading and study materials?

You have everything you need inside the course to pass the end of course assessment.  The PDF supplied listing additional study resources are accessible directly by you on various webs or purchasable through bookshops.  These resources are not required to complete the course – they are merely to advance your knowledge of your chosen course.

Q. – When do I get my certificate?

Once you have completed your course and successfully passed your Assessment, you will receive your certificate within two weeks in PDF format via email.  We will also post you your original, but this will take longer.