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10 Weeks
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eCourse Introduction

Nutrition is a critical part of health and development.  Better nutrition improves health outcomes at every stage of human development by boosting immunity, lowering risk of chronic diseases, supporting better energy production and allowing graceful aging.  It is now common knowledge that food choices significantly impact our health.  In order to achieve optimal health, we must strive for optimal nutrition.

eCourse Aim

This eCourse aims to provide you with basic knowledge, understanding and competence of nutrition to enable you to impart sound dietary guidance, alongside recommending effective supplements (vitamins and minerals) to bring about positive outcomes with regard to attaining better sleep, generating more energy, improving mood and managing stress.

eCourse Content and Assessment

This eCourse requires approximately 16 hours of study, spread over 6 to 8 weeks.  There are nine learning topics:

  1. Introduction: What is Optimal Nutrition?
  2. The Healthy Platter
  3. Modern Malnutrition
  4. Eating for Better ZZZ’s
  5. Eating for More Energy
  6. Happy, Calming Foods
  7. Eat to Beat Stress
  8. One Diet to Help Them All
  9. Daily Ammo


When you have completed your eCourse, take the online assessment to test and validate your new knowledge!  Once successful, you will receive an ATHE Endorsed Programme certificate in Nutrition… Matters from QedON.


QedON’s short courses were granted “Endorsed” status by a second UK Ofqual regulated awarding body ATHE (Awards for Training & Higher Education).  Endorsed programmes meet ATHE standards in terms of design, content, and relevance and are delivered and assessed according to approved standards. The feedback received from an ATHE Education Consultant was –


Who is it suitable for?

This eCourse is suitable for new and existing employees, employed within the Retail Pharmacy and Health Food sectors, or anyone with a keen interest in nutrition. Pharmacy assistants / Healthcare retail staff / Health food retail staff / Nurses Caregivers Gym coaches Clinic assistants Health coaches, and Nutrition enthusiasts.

Meet your tutor

Dr Shabnam Ardev

Dr Shabnam is a doctor of Family Medicine, as well as a Functional Medicine Physician.  She also has a Masters in Medical Nutrition. Dr Shabnam has written a number of clinical presentations and website content on behalf of other functional medicine doctors.  Dr Shabnam has also created wellness content and developed nutrition protocols for corporate wellness and health applications for a wellness company.


Get a taste of this course

1. Nutrition... Matters
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What our learners say

Mohammed Ali Chinese Business Etiquette

“The course was easy to access and navigate, the way Moodle works in sync with the website is brilliant!”

Gearoid Garvey Social Media Marketing 101

“There was a real engaged learning environment, that made me not want to put the tablet away”

Jacqueline de Phaoir Retail Selling Skills

“The Course Tutor was available for help and advice throughout”

Patrick Evans Men's Health… Matters

“What I found beneficial to me was meeting the tutor on video, it made it real”

Patrice Verdon Skincare Solutions

“The course was so well explained it gave me the confidence and understanding I needed”

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